About Sakal Robo System

• Sakal Robo System GmbH (formerly Soham Ingenieurbüro) providing Robotic & Automation Solution since 2016.

• Innovative, qualitative, flexible, and result-oriented solutions.

• Services include planning, design and simulation of tooling and production line, the robotic cell including gripper, fixtures, etc. erection.

• High degree of motivation, flexibility, and ability to display all processes.

Our Services

  • Design precision welding and fabricating equipment, jigs-fixtures – small single solution
  • Integration of machines into existing manufacturing plants or realize new manufacturing plant
  • Design documentation for all phases of project
  • •Virtual Commissioning corresponds to the current state of  a real commissioning with a virtual machine or plant
  • Benefits:
    • Minimizing risks during commissioning
    • Optimize processes before commissioning
    • Shorten real commissioning time
    • Increase efficiency
Virtual Commissioning
  • Use 3D Simulation programs to test smallest functional unit of system
  • Result of virtual test runs are optimally adjusted machines
  • Final result machines are characterized by smaller cycle times and greater accuracy post production installation.

Contact Us

Name: Soham Anjaria

Phone: +49 – 176 90714730

Email: info@sakalsystem.com

Address: Sakal Robo System GmbH,

Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 7,        

86529 Schrobenhausen, Germany.